just do it

this is the story of aisha, an old friend of mine.

one fine day she decided she would join the club and don that hijab. 'that was an easy decision', said she, 'but when? - was the million dollar question.' any change as big putting that hijab on is always a mammoth task, and much more so living in the west.

'wat would ppl say?', 'how would my parents take it?', 'in this islamophobic era, wouldnt i hv to face lots of difficulties?', 'what if situation forces me to take it off again?'... these were some of the question bugging her from day one. and the sole reasons behind putting off its materializing to tomorrow.

then one day, a friend suggested - 'dont worry my dear. you may take that big leap at once and start wearing it for good; or take it one step at a time wearing it occassionally (to the juma or to local muslim community programs) at first. whatever it is, just do it. go ahead and take that first step... and everything else will fall in place.'


more or less, all of us face this sort of dillemas in life. things we want to do, but just cant get ourselves to do it thinking abt all the what ifs and what nots.

well ... go ahead and just do it. take that first step and everything else will fall in place.

and that goes to you too, mr. procastinX !!!

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