last weekend

we at ms@aau had our second qiyam ul layl program last weekend. after many failed attempts, we finally managed to invite Imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen, a danish convert imam, to deliver the talks.
the theme of the day was 'being a Muslim in the danish society'- a very timely and well chosen topic in my view.

the lectures were divided into two sessions. the former touched on the danish society and general state of Muslims in Denmark, while the problems faced by Muslim community, both from within and without, and their probable solutions was the topic of discussion in the latter.

some the points Imam Abdul Wahid made are:

1. we hv to accept the fact that new generation of Muslims are all out danes. thus the community leaders have to address them from their perspective instead of somali, or pakistani, or turkish or ... perspective.

2. we cant and should not control what someone sees and learns. rather we hv to equip people with the right knowledge, understanding and tools to differentiate between right and wrong and accept the right while rejecting the wrong.

3. as Muslims it is not enough for us to only address issues that directly concern us. we hv to remember that we are global citizens as well, and thus global issues such as environmental problems, human rights, animal rights etc. should also be our concern.

well, enough of heavy talk. now follow this link to experience some of the action on that day (courtesy of ailin vabi, as always!!!)

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